Several UFOs fall in Chile causing forest fires and are neither meteorites nor space debris

Extraterrestrial invasion: It is said of the process in which intelligent beings from beyond Earth invade and conquer our planet. In Esoteric and Paranormal World we have commented in several publications the more than possible extraterrestrial invasion. In literature and cinema, we have great epics in which human beings bravely fight against intruders from other worlds. However, there are many who wonder the reasons for these beings to want to attack or invade us. One idea is that they might want to use us as a source of food or as slaves. There is also the possibility that these aliens want to colonize our planet because it is similar to their homeworld and they have exploited theirs to the point where it has become uninhabitable.(UFOs fall in Chile)

These are some less “negative” possibilities for us because there is a much worse one. Wanting our annihilation as we could mean a threat to the entire universe. In fact, if they really want to end all of us, they wouldn’t even have to get close, they would simply have to blow up asteroids so that their remains would impact our planet, causing massive tsunamis and massive destruction never before seen, or use some other kind of Weapon of mass destruction from some indeterminate point of space. And this brings us to the following: has the alien invasion in Chile already begun?

Fireballs in Chile

A series of strange objects from the sky on the Chilean island of Chiloé caused numerous fires on September 25. The inhabitants of the city of Dalcahue reported seeing the fireballs falling through the sky, before falling to the ground, causing at least seven fires, forcing local firefighters to act. Alejandro Vergés, director of the National Emergency Office of the Ministry of Interior (ONEMI) of Chile, said the fires were “attributable to an object that, so far, has not been identified.”(UFOs fall in Chile)

Initially, it was thought that UFOs were simply meteorites that entered Earth’s atmosphere, Chilean astronomer and astrophysicist José Maza told Chilean National Television. Three days later, Chilean National Geology and Mining Service officials who investigated the impact sites concluded that this was not the case, as they found no evidence of meteorite debris in any of the seven locations. 

Authorities are now investigating the possibility that the fires were initiated by space debris or from a satellite that re-entered the atmosphere. However, this seems to be an unlikely possibility, since most space debris that re-enters the atmosphere, both natural and artificial, cools when it reaches the ground, making it almost impossible for them to start a fire. In addition, astronomer Jonathan McDowell of the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics tweeted on September 26 that there is “no obvious candidate” , but does not rule out the possibility of space debris.

Juan Hijerra, the mayor of Dalcahue reported that firefighters who responded to strange fires described a smell of “stone, like sulfur,” rather than the smell typically associated with a bush fire. The smell apparently dissipated the next morning. Hijerra also commented on the nature of the fires, at a time when only six fires had been identified:(UFOs fall in Chile)

“There cannot be six sources of fire within a radius of 200 meters and all of them isolated,” Hijerra said. “It is as if small fireballs have fallen. Some burned the roots and others burned a little more. ”

UFOs fall in Chile - Several UFOs fall in Chile causing forest fires and are neither meteorites nor space debris

Geologists are conducting a more detailed analysis of soil samples and will make their findings known throughout this month. This could mean that the researchers found pieces of metal that could indicate whether it is space debris or something else, but they will double-check to find out its true origin. It makes sense to make sure that they have not collected any other type of metal or perhaps even a new element created by an extraterrestrial civilization.

It should also be made clear that it is very rare for space debris to cause damage to the ground since they generally fall into the ocean or remote areas. There have been cases that rocket propellers caused damage after launches in China, but there are no reports that anyone has died or been injured by space debris. So what are these mysterious fireballs? Only superheated space junk that has entered the atmosphere? Or is it the beginning of an alien invasion like “War of the Worlds”?

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