A UFO sighting Live recorded by several people

Today we present an alleged mass UFO sighting. A “live video” that appears to show several unidentified flying objects “descending” in front of many people.

A UFO sighting Live recorded by several people

In the first instance, a very large light orb is observed, which could be confused with the moon, but something makes us believe that it is much closer than we think.

On its back, it is observed how it drops a smaller orb that moves to the right, and immediately a second object leaves the huge orb to move to the left. Then several begin to emerge, up to 5 small orbs.

After a few seconds, the orbs move to the left and right to disappear from the field of vision, leaving us with the large white orb and the fifth small object that moves upwards to enter the “mother sphere”, which in a moment given, it moves down until it disappears.

Truly the passion with which they react to this sighting is unprecedented, and naturally, we believe that any person would react in this way.

We have no doubt that “they are here” due to the number of sightings we are having, and seeing this recording, there is no doubt today. This means that a great revelation might happen soon.

Lack of noise and clean skies also allows people to hear more things than they may not have heard before and therefore have not worried about before, perhaps the planet is at an important time for ascension and passing to a higher state.

Hence, everything is connected with what is happening, but what is important and no less than what is happening is, referring to this new recording that leaves us once again speechless.

The truth is that more and more people are convinced that this situation we are experiencing today hides something much more important.

And with the population in mandatory confinement in their homes, this would be the ideal time to demonstrate that aliens exist and that they are right in front of us.

The UFO phenomenon has taken a more accurate view, accompanied by current technology, which gives clearer objectivity. Thus, there are revealing cases and strong evidence that can lead to the explanation of these facts.

Now, as at no time in history, we are witness to how there have been countless sightings captured around the world.

The Pentagon accepted the UFO videos, acknowledging that they do not belong to this world, that is … that they are among us …

And perhaps this recording today clears our doubts once and for all that there is little left for the first extraterrestrial human contact, face to face ..

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