Are Aliens And Legendary Creatures Like Chupacabra Related?

As unusual as the statements that follow may sound, you’ll find that there is a clear connection between UFOs and the monsters from cryptozoology. We’ll start with a case that is undoubtedly bizarre. In November 1980, a serving English policeman called Alan Godfrey had an unforgettable UFO experience in the lovely town of Todmorden, Yorkshire, which dates back to the 17th century. The time between Godfrey’s encounter and his involvement in the inquiry of a peculiar death in the town was only five months.

The victim of the unfortunate incident was Zigmund Adamski, interestingly the name Adamski, which isn’t quite widespread, is well-known in the field of ufology, as most people are aware. Godfrey was astonished to see what he initially mistook for a bus parked in the middle of the road as he traveled down a particular section of the road. But as Godfrey approached, he realized it was something else altogether. In reality, it was nothing other than a UFO that resembled an egg.

Grey Aliens
Grey Aliens

Then something happened that had some fundamental components of the UFO phenomena, such as missing time and memories of being carried aboard a craft. However, what Godfrey had encountered on the craft wasn’t a usual Gray alien with dark eyes and a dwarfish build. Instead, it was a human-like creature with a beard who was dressed in a long robe.

In that regard, the incident had more of a “Contactee”-style element, however in reality the situation was more complicated than that. This is where things start to get complicated with paranormal issues. Godfrey claimed during his hypnotic regression that there was a big black dog on the UFO as well. Godfrey had already encountered an unusual hound, so this wasn’t the first time. He saw a phantom Labrador in the past. Another strange incident occurred in the 1960s near Todmorden when Godfrey’s car was forced to slam on the brakes by what appeared to be a woman walking a giant black dog. The woman as well as the dog disappeared.

It so happened that Todmorden is home to long-standing tales about creatures known as the “Gabriel Hounds.” They resemble the older, more widespread phenomena of “Phantom Black Dogs” in the UK, the kind that prompted Sir Arthur Conan Doyle to write The Hound of the Baskervilles, a Sherlock Holmes story.

Two Friends Attacked By a Hairy Creature

On the outskirts of Venezuela’s capital city of Caracas, Jose Ponce and Gustavo Gonzalez had a terrifying encounter shortly after midnight. The duo was driving when the dark road was abruptly illuminated by what they could best describe as a dazzling ball of light, perhaps three feet in diameter. Similar to a little boat bobbing on the lake, it swung slightly in the air.

As they came closer, the two slowed their car until it finally came to a complete stop. Then, all of a sudden, amazement gave way to complete horror. Gonzalez carefully got out of the van and started to make his way toward the floating globe while Ponce stayed inside. Gonzalez was abruptly knocked to the floor by an unknown force. The attacker’s size ensured that it went unnoticed for a brief period of time. Or, more accurately, its extremely small size.

Gonzalez was eventually able whatever had attacked him, much to his horror: a little, hairy being that was shaped like a man but was only about three feet tall. Gonzalez attempted to stab the thing with his knife, but the weapon bounced off the creature due to his impulsive and adrenaline-fueled actions.

Depiction of hairy creature
Depiction of hairy creature

In a matter of a few seconds, another small and hairy creature appeared and briefly rendered Gonzalez blind with a powerful flashlight-like device. Despite being completely taken aback, Ponce summoned his composure and rushed out of the van to assist his friend, who was staggering around and still experiencing eye damage from the intense beam that had struck him with full force.

Two more of the hairy monsters emerged from the darkness, approaching the men and carrying enormous rocks, much to Ponce’s increasing alarm. Although the existence of the rocks gave the men the impression that the hairy monsters were prepared to kill them, it now appears that they were merely there as a defense precaution in case a situation akin to the last option arose. The small unusual creatures scurried to the ball of light, miraculously launched themselves inside of it despite its small size, and disappeared in an instant.

Nessie: The Lochness Monster

What about aliens and the Loch Ness Monster? It’s incredible that Nessie (or perhaps a colony of similar creatures) has a connection to one of the most well-known monsters in the world. Jan-Ove Sundberg, a twenty-three-year-old Swedish man, claimed that on August 14, 1971, between the hours of 8:30 and 9:30 a.m., he was in a wooded area above Foyers Bay in Loch Ness, Scotland, where he came across something incredible. And, no we are not talking about a grown-up Nessie. Sundberg came dangerously close to coming across the alien crew and the UFO.

Before Sundberg unintentionally thwarted their plan, the craft’s location in a clearing gave the appearance that its operators had chosen the location specifically because it provided them with the chance to land and conceal their presence. The vessel was somewhat peculiar. It was approximately thirty feet long, dark grey in color, and looked almost like a cigar. It featured a huge portion on top that Sundberg said looked like a handle. The overall impression was of a huge iron used to remove creases from clothing.

Suddenly, a trio of humanoids emerged from the trees possessing rough human dimensions, and attire that was very similar to that of divers. In fact, Sundberg initially believed they were divers from a team that was actively exploring Loch Ness’s depths for the monster at the time. But when the three entered the strange-looking ship through a panel and it rose vertically for roughly sixty feet, it became clear they were not divers.

Nessie: The Lochness Monster
Nessie: The Lochness Monster

Then it started to move horizontally over the mountains and in the general direction of Loch Mhor, which was close by. On September 7, 1971, UFOs were spotted over Okanagan Lake in British Columbia, just as they had been over Loch Ness, a place famous for its monsters. The witnesses were a New Hampshire family named Shelley who had gone to the lake in search of the fabled monster.

They instead found something quite unexpected but no less remarkable. They were astounded to see a sizable ball of blue light run across the section of the lake next to them, at a really low level over the water surface, while they combed the lakeside with binoculars for Ogopogo.

The most astounding thing was that as they kept watching the blue globe, it abruptly dove under the ocean and was never again seen. On November 6, 2002, a brilliant UFO was spotted near Loch Ness. In 2016, a UFO sighting was reported in the vicinity of Inverness, Scotland.

Roger Carter, the witness, claims that as he was traveling to the English town of Bristol for a lengthy business trip, his automobile suddenly became completely engulfed in dazzling light, forcing him to slam the brakes out of concern that he would crash into the nearby trees. Carter jumped out, looking skyward. Due to the brightness of the lights, he was unable to see anything. Particularly perplexing was the fact that there was no sound at all. The source of the light was also gone in a matter of seconds. Roger Carter kept a close eye on the skies above as he traveled the next few kilometers, still feeling uneasy.

The Shape-Shifting Creature Lilith

On February 18, 2014, tales of a horrifying creature emerged that is, Lilith. It is one of the earliest examples of a shape-shifting creature that may perhaps be an alien. Her name is also very fitting because it translates to “night hag” in English. Not really something that any of us would aim to come into contact with. The shadowy origins of Lilith can be discovered in Mesopotamian mythology and folklore, particularly in Babylonian culture.

The Shape-Shifting Creature Lilith
The Shape-Shifting Creature Lilith

Lilith had long, flowing hair and was regarded as a gorgeous woman, yet there was nothing admirable about her. She would frequently appear in the houses of men who were asleep, creep into the beds, and engage in sexual activity with them. According to legend, this was done to enable Lilith to collect sperm from her victims and utilize it to have grotesque, demonic children. Lilitu and Lilu, who have significant roles in the mythology of the Sumerian civilization, were almost probably associated with Lilith for thousands of years.

The goal of this supernatural couple was to terrorize people in the dead of night, violate them, and then return to the dark from which they had sprung. The original writer of Religious Controversy and renowned specialist on such two demon-like beings, Joseph McCabe, called them “ferocious beings” that were both human and animal. Following his experience with a monster that resembled Lilith, Martin Baker came to the conclusion that the creature was really an alien-human hybrid involved in gene-splicing studies rather than a demonic entity.

The Blood Sucker: Chupacabra

Since 1995, Puerto Rico has always been the home of the fabled Chupacabra, a dangerous and purportedly bloodsucking creature that many people think is an alien. However, long before the now-famous creature was on anyone’s radar, a different vampire-like creature prowled the island. It was referred to as the Moca Vampire, after the commune of Moca, which is located in the northwest of the island and has a population of about 40,000. Contrary to the Chupacabra, reports of which persist even now, the “Vampiro de Moca,” as it was known in Puerto Rico, was a monster that was unquestionably “present one moment and gone the next.”

It all started on 25 of February 1975. At that point, Moca’s populace experienced a widespread wave of panic. Many ranchers reported seeing their livestock being mercilessly killed in the dark and methodically drained of copious volumes of blood. The first location to be searched was the Barrio Rocha area, where a number of goats, at least four piglets, countless chickens, and more than a score of cows were discovered dead, with severe claw-like scars on their skin and piercing marks on their bodies, but without one essential component: blood. The number of fatalities reached close to thirty by the middle of the initial week of March 1975.

The Blood Sucker: Chupacabra
The Blood Sucker: Chupacabra

What really came off as a surprise is a major development that occurred during this same week. The blood-sucking offender was finally seen, Maria Acevedo, the eyewitness, saw a monstrously large, howling, and screaming winged beast land on top of her house and scramble over its zinc roof, creating a tremendous commotion in the process. The beast was described as being about four to five feet tall and like a pterodactyl, a supposedly extinct flying reptile from the Jurassic period. It was obviously no ordinary bird. Whatever the monster’s true nature, it soon ascended into the air and disappeared into the starry night.

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