Daniel Sheehan

Daniel Sheehan claims to have seen photos of a crashed UFO

The constitutional lawyer, public speaker, and political activist Daniel Sheehan claimed to have seen classified evidence in Project Blue Book that contradicts the recent report presented by AARO, the Pentagon’s UFO office.

Daniel Sheehan Saw UFO Photographs

On March 8, the All-Domain Anomaly Resolution Office (AARO) issued a 63-page public report covering more than 70 years of US history regarding Unidentified Anomalous Phenomena (UAPs). , concluding that there is no evidence of extraterrestrial technology on our planet and that no ships of non-human origin have been recovered.

This generated an immediate reaction from legislators, former officials, whistleblowers and investigators of the matter who in recent years have been promoting a declassification campaign, facing a reluctant intelligence community that until now has been successful in maintaining the cover-up.

One of the latest reactions came from Dr. Daniel Sheehan, who has participated in numerous public interest legal cases, including the Pentagon Papers case, the Watergate break-in case, the Silkwood case, the Greensboro massacre case, the case of the attack in La Penca, among others. And, more recently, he has represented former intelligence official Lue Elizondo, one of those who blew the lid on UAPs.

“I am taking the extraordinary step of informing the public and the media that I know that Dr. Kirkpatrick and his associates at AARO are knowingly lying when they falsely claim that they have not been provided with any sustainable evidence of the existence of a secret US government program to recover crashed UFOs, because I personally provided Dr. Kirkpatrick himself, under oath, with the fact that… I was granted access to the still-classified Project Blue Book files related to more of 700 cases of UFO sightings that could not be rationalized as any natural phenomenon that had simply been misidentified as a UFO,” Sheehan wrote in his X account.

“At that same facility (the National Archives), representatives of our government showed me several official photographs of an active UFO crash recovery operation,” he added.

In a subsequent interview with investigative journalist Ross Coulthart, the lawyer specified that the occasion on which he had the credentials and the access that allowed him to see the photos took place in the spring of 1977, at the beginning of Jimmy Carter’s presidency. As for what the images showed, he described that a flying saucer of about 15 meters crashed in the snow, surrounded by soldiers in coats—something like the Soviet Sverdlovsk incident perhaps?

Sheehan clarified that, although the photos were in black and white, a large mark on the ground left by the crashing object was visible, on whose dome strange symbols were engraved that he could not identify as being from any known terrestrial language.

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