They discover an extraterrestrial base in the shape of an iceberg near the Antarctica coast

The discovery is disconcerting: personnel from a US NASA laboratory in Antarctica find an unknown object on the ice. When they try to examine it while still frozen, it thaws despite the low temperatures. It is a capsule of extraterrestrial origin and begins to transmit signals. Under Washington’s instructions, a code specialist and ufologist fly to the South Pole, where he is able to successfully decipher the mysterious signal. But even so, no one is able to stop the impending catastrophe. Scientists decide to open the capsule, releasing the extraterrestrial content and infecting the computer. For the United States government, its worst fears are confirmed: the presence of extraterrestrial beings alone is a mortal threat to humanity.

In this case, the above story is about the plot of a science fiction movie. The film in question is “Alien Hunter,” a telefilm directed by Ron Krauss in 2003. However, what is really interesting is that Hollywood seems to have direct contact with the intelligence services of the United States, as there is actually great Amount of UFO activity in Antarctica. Now, ufologists have discovered what appears to be a giant alien base hidden in the ice of the Antarctic coast.

Hidden extraterrestrial bases in Antarctica

UFO researchers have discovered what appears to be a huge object 500 meters long on the coast of Antarctica . Some have claimed that it is a mysterious alien ship or base hidden in the ice. The object was discovered through Google Maps and appears to show a large mass of ice very different from the others. The object can be in Google Maps using the following coordinates: 72 ° 43’13.53 “S 78 ° 40’21.56” W ( you can see it clicking here). For conspiracy theorists there is no doubt, the object is actually a large extraterrestrial base hidden in the ice.

“I’m not an expert on icebergs, but this object is very peculiar and looks like a container disguised as iceberg,” wrote the UFO Sightings Hotspot blog editor. “It seems out of place.”



For most people Antarctica is a barren terrain of ice and snow found in the lower part of the globe. But conspiracy theorists believe that it is the ideal place to house extraterrestrial bases , acting as a perfect refuge due to the lack of human settlers by the extreme conditions. But apart from this, there are many evidences that seem to show how UFOs are hidden inside the caves of Antarctica.

But this new discovery has caught the attention of conspiracy theorists and ufologists, especially by the strange form of the object. It is true that icebergs have multiple shapes and sizes. But experts say that this iceberg does not fit into any of the most common categories. Icebergs can be classified according to their shape. The two basic types of forms are tabular and non-tabular.

Tabular icebergs have steep sides and a flat top, like a plateau, and do not have different shapes. And the truth is that the shape of this iceberg is very different if we compare it with all the different forms of tabular and non-tabular icebergs.



However, skeptics do not share the idea that the iceberg is an occult extraterrestrial base. They all consider that ignorance makes it impossible to know the shapes of icebergs and that Google Maps images simply show a huge chunk of ice off the Antarctic coast. Unfortunately, we only have the satellite images to give an opinion, so as always, you decide.

Is the strange iceberg an alien base hidden on the Antarctic coast? Or is it simply an iceberg with a strange shape?

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