Brazilian Boy Named Bruno Borges Disappeared Mysteriously After Leaving Hidden And Encrypted Messages

A young psychology student named Bruno Borges was last seen at his home in the Brazilian city of Rio Branco on March 27. It could be a case of ordinary disappearance but the amount of mysteries and secrets found in his room suggests something different

Brazilian Boy Named Bruno Borges Disappeared Mysteriously After Leaving Hidden And Encrypted Messages

Instead of the furniture, in his room they found numerous encrypted manuscripts, hidden symbols, drawings with geometric shapes and a statue of the philosopher Giordano Bruno. The mysterious messages left on the walls and the floor almost occupied all the space in his room.

In addition, Bruno Borges left 14 books written in a coded language and identified by Roman numerals. As he confessed to his mother one day, the books he was working on would bring good changes for humanity. Luckily Bruno left a key to decipher his cryptic messages, his brothers managed to translate some things, like the title of one of the books, ‘The theory of the absorption of knowledge’, reports Globo.

Brazilian Boy Named Bruno Borges Disappeared Mysteriously After Leaving Hidden And Encrypted Messages

Although it seems incredible, all this went unnoticed for his family, since Bruno Borges locked himself in his room while his parents were always traveling. Relatives knew that he was working on a project about which the young man always refused to speak or give more details, but they never imagined anything like what they saw when they opened the room.

His mother, a well-known psychologist named Denise Borges, told Globo that his son “has a great intellectual capacity” and is “very fond of Giordano [Bruno].” The woman added that he does not suffer from psychological problems. A statue of the sixteenth-century philosopher, known for his cosmological theories, found in the middle of the young Brazilian’s room would be estimated at about 2,000 euros.

When this strange case was made public, several users of social networks have pointed to the physical similarity between the disappeared and the famous Italian philosopher.

Police consider all versions of the young man’s disappearance, but the case was classified as confidential. His family claims that Bruno, who even wanted to patent his work, might have decided to disappear to devote himself to his philosophical theories.

What do you guys think? Did he runaway?

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  1. In Uganda there was a man who used to deal with supernatural beings also called demons, one day he made a party for all his friends, he then entered the house in full view of everybody present. Then he disappeared. What people don’t know is that there is another world called under the Earth, then there is another place not heaven but reffered to as heavenlies. In these places are intelligent beings that are in rebellion against God. There was a case recorded in the Bible where people dealing with extraterrestrials used to write secret messages but handed the books over to be burnt. Parents may not know but sometimes children get into contact with demons which in modern nomeclare people call ariens. It is dangerous to contact them because they derail people destiny and eternal destiny.

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