Earthquakes and UFO sightings are connected, says a former US Marine.

A former marine has strangely claimed that a large number of UFO sightings are connected to mega-earthquakes and other natural disasters in simple words Earthquakes and UFO sightings are connected.

Nick Karnaze, a former special agent in the U.S. Marine Corps who served in Afghanistan, is investigating evidence that can prove that aliens have contacted Earth.

The former military officer believes that he has now discovered a correlation between UFO sightings and natural disasters.

Nick Karnaze, former US Marine Earthquakes and UFO sightings
Nick Karnaze, former American marine.

Nick is part of a group of researchers from a new Discovery Channel program called ” Contact .”

The former CIA attack officer Myke Cole, conflict analyst Dr. Michael Livingston, astrophysicist Sarah Cruddas, journalist Paul Beban and former Green Beret Kawa Mawlayee are right next to the former marine.

UFOs over the Colima volcano Earthquakes and UFO sightings
UFOs over the Colima volcano

Karnaze told the Daily Star :

We are seeing many sightings related to earthquakes, which is very interesting. Sarah [Cruddas] and I were seeing many sightings around a series of earthquakes, relatively large for the area as well. And I know that the team in South America was also looking for similar patterns. It’s interesting that we have a correlation between massive UFO sightings and natural disasters. ”

But he made a warning that he definitely couldn’t say that the aliens were causing chaos.

UFO during earthquake in Mexico
UFO during an earthquake in Mexico

Over the years, various videos have emerged claiming to show UFOs in seismic regions.

In a video, several UFOs were seen in the camera in places recently affected by an earthquake. While a second video shows that a UFO could be the cause of the natural disaster.


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