UFO destroyed a village in Ethiopia in 1970

Within the casuistic UFO, there are sinister episodes where the phenomenon has caused dire consequences on the witnesses. One of these incidents allegedly occurred in Ethiopia, and to this day it has not been adequately clarified.(UFO destroyed a village)

UFO destroyed a village Ethiopia
Original photos of the case sent to Dr. Joseph Allen Hynek.

It all happened on August 7, 1970, when the inhabitants of the small town of Saladare (Ethiopia) about 11:30 hours, were overwhelmed to hear a strange and loud noise that came from inside the thick jungle.

The unusual sound was increasing, at the same time, that a bright red ball, of igneous appearance, was rushing against the village.

The researcher George Kendall in the UFOPRESS magazine, number 7, of April 1978, said:

«The inhabitants of Saladare heard a noise coming from a small forest near the hamlet, and that gave the impression of being produced by an airplane flying at low altitude. The noise increased gradually becoming more and more acute every moment. Suddenly, the native azorados, observed a bright ball, that flying at low altitude and at high speed, crossed the town destroying all the constructions that it found in its path, even, the strange object, uprooted numerous trees of root and charred the grass, although without causing fires ».

In its trajectory the mysterious luminous sphere hit several houses violently destroying them and uprooted several trees from the ground.

The object continued its disturbing trajectory, flying at a low altitude and parallel to the ground for about 140 meters, immediately to the fear of the villagers, back off and continue their devastation on the village. On this occasion, in addition to the houses, it flew over an asphalt road that melted and cracked at its passage.

UFO destroyed a village Ethiopia
Road destroyed by the passage of the UFO.

Kendall said: “When the UFO moved away from the village, it brushed the asphalt of the nearby route, melting it into an area of ​​about 2 by 7 meters and knocked down the stone wall of a bridge, completely destroying it.”

Then, without altering its speed and trajectory, it traveled a distance of about 150 meters until it was located on the slope of a nearby mountain, where it was parked a few meters from the ground for a few seconds. He immediately led the way, crossing the hamlet of Saladare in the same direction in which he had already done it (or in a parallel route) destroying other houses, and then disappearing in the same direction in which he had been seen arriving.

The total distance that the object covered in its 2 passes, and in view of numerous witnesses, was about 6,000 meters. The incident lasted 10 minutes.

One of the houses destroyed by the UFO.
One of the houses destroyed by the UFO.

The object was observed by the villagers of a village near Saladare. They described it as “a large ball with a tail and a very bright red color”. The fireball disappeared in the distance leaving behind a wave of destruction and horror.

The anguishing experience had lasted about 10 minutes and at least 50 homes had been demolished after the passage of the enigmatic UFO.

After their departure, the villagers found that a child had died in the ruins of a house and at least 8 others were injured. As proof of the heat intensity produced by the object, the asphalt road had some melted areas, the surrounding grass had been burned and a melted pot was found in one of the houses affected by the collision with the object.

The case was known thanks to a UN doctor, Dr. Attal Makk, assigned to the area who sent a letter with all the details and photographs of the event to researcher Joseph Allen Hynek.(UFO destroyed a village)

George Kendall in his report indicated that:

«The Dr. of the United Nations, together with some of his colleagues, visited the village of Saladare, checking that 50 homes had been completely destroyed, while more than a dozen were seriously damaged. Likewise, and as a result of the incident, 8 natives were injured and a small child died. In the opinion of my kind informant, “it seemed as if a large cannonball had been fired through the village” ».

In the letter sent to Dr. Hynek there was more information:

“Some said that the car was shaped like a tree trunk, while the inhabitants of a neighboring village added that the object had flown over them, emitting a deafening noise, and that it had a spherical shape and a tail. The emotion was such that we visited the village three times, and I took about thirty photos of which I attached some. It seems as if a cannonball had been fired through the houses (…)

»Some estimate that it was a meteorite, but they cannot travel from one place to another. It could not be a tornado, because the wind did not tear away the tin roofs, which remained in their places, although crushed, melted and distorted. So far we have no idea what it could have been.

»The Assis newspaper by Addis Ababa mentioned something about it, classifying it as a storm. I send him the press clipping. The Italian newspaper dedicated five columns. We can discard the possibility of winds or lightning, the weather was clear and clear. The village, like Asmara, is at an elevation of 2,300 meters above sea level. Lightning sometimes moves horizontally, but as I said, the weather was clear. On the other hand, it emitted a heat source. He melted the asphalt and metal objects, leaving the grass and bushes scorched, but without fire or flames. Its mechanical impact was tremendous. He crossed the stone wall of the bridge, which is half a meter thick, and had enough strength to do more damage when he came back.

Apparently, in the area of ​​devastation, no metal remains were found that could indicate that the destruction could be caused by some type of military projectile. Unfortunately, no research has been conducted in the area that could confirm this incredible story. In addition, the photographs, really do not provide any evidence of the facts, could correspond to the consequences of any conflict experienced in Ethiopia.

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The letter sent to Hynek in 1970.

The letter sent to Hynek in 1970.

However, it should be noted that both Dr. Hynek and Dr. Jacques Vallée, believed that it was a solid enough story to include in their book The Edge of Reality (1976).(UFO destroyed a village)

For his part, ufologist George Kendall was convinced that this is one of the few excellently documented cases of damage caused by an unidentified flying object:

«The hypothesis of a meteor does not fit here, since the UFO flight gave the impression of responding to some intelligent control pattern because it crossed the village twice in the same way or route. Nor could it be a meteorological phenomenon (tornado) since the visitors verified that the roofs of sheet metal of the houses showed signs of having endured an intense heat (some were wrinkled and semi-molten). The possibility that the object has been a ‘globular ray’ should be ruled out since the weather was excellent (clear sky, very low percentage of humidity) that did not present favorable conditions for the manifestation of phenomena of this type.

»The photos that illustrate this note are sufficiently representative of the damage caused by the UFO as it passes, so I think it is unnecessary to elaborate on concepts. Obviously it was a solid object, it certainly flew at high speed and a few meters from the ground and, above all, remains unidentified.

What happened in that small village? Maybe one day we will find answers for incidents as disturbing as this …(UFO destroyed a village)

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