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US Navy Has Considered The Possibility Of UFOs Coming From Underwater Bases

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US Navy Has Considered The Possibility Of UFOs Coming From Underwater Bases
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Jeremy Corbell, who posted the famous “pyramid UFO” videos, says that the ships seen hovering over US Navy ships are “transmedium,” meaning they can operate both in the air and underwater. And it is precisely under the latter that they may have their underwater bases.

US Navy Has Considered The Possibility Of UFOs Coming From Underwater Bases

According to the documentary maker, officials in high places have considered the possibility that ticking UFOs and other mysterious “ships” that have been seen invading restricted military space, could come from underwater bases.

Previously known for the documentary on Bob Lazar and Area 51 (available on Netflix), Corbell again made headlines around the world when he leaked videos showing some of the UFO encounters reported by the Navy in July 2019 , including “Pyramid UFOs” filmed by the crew aboard the USS Russell off the coast of San Diego.

He also shared explosive images of another object that appeared over the USS Omaha in the same month before it apparently “descended under water.”

The Pentagon has confirmed that both sets of material, posted on its website, are genuine. Reconnaissance that also happened to the USS Nimitz fighter jet UFO encounters in 2004 and two more sightings in 2015

In an exclusive interview with the Daily Star, Corbell claimed that there were discussions among US Navy officials to determine whether these UFOs – or NSOs as appropriate – could come from Earth’s oceans.

He believes that many of the objects are examples of “transmedia” vehicles, meaning they can operate both in the air and underwater.

“They can move from one medium [air] to the next [sea] with ease,” he explained. “All leaked UFO videos and images confirmed as genuine by the Pentagon have occurred over the sea.”

“UFOs may come from a distant place,” continued the documentary maker. But often, we see them coming from a much closer place. As you would have an embassy in a foreign country, it is possible that there is a congregation or a station or a place underwater, from where the UFOs could be transiting once they get here, wherever they come from.

US Navy Has Considered The Possibility Of UFOs Coming From Underwater Bases
Jeremy Corbell. 
Credit: Daily Star.

One example Corbell gave to shed light on the theory concerns the USS Nimitz encounter. The commander David Fravor , a fighter pilot of the attack group, was first found in order as “ticking” floating on a “disturbance” of the ocean on November 14, 2004.

The pilots described an underwater object that appeared to be in the shape of a cross. And it was just below the water that the ticking UFOs descended, dropping from over 80,000 feet to sea level in less than a second without even producing a sonic boom.

When these things went down, they were robbing. And those are not my words. Somehow they were engaging, perhaps with what was happening in the water or under the water, “he said according to his research.

Other possibilities are being debated where these objects come from. Corbell said officials have also discussed the possibility that they “come from another planet.”

“That is one of the options that is definitely on the table,” he added. “But more importantly, there is the implication that there could be an underwater base or facility where these objects could go and maybe recharge.”

Source: Daily Star

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