And they have done it again: The Simpsons predict the United States Olympic gold in curling

Cinema and television allow us to transport ourselves to an imagined reality full of new possibilities and emotions without limit. They offer the public the opportunity to escape from their own lives in favor of a life full of action represented on the screen. Because movies have this “escapist” quality , when it ends many of us forget completely what we have seen.(Simpsons predict the United States Olympic )

However, sometimes movies or TV series seem to predict the arrival of major events. From the fate of world leaders to world scandals, some series and films become true prophets of our destiny. And if we have to talk about predictions in the entertainment industry, it is inevitable not to mention the already legendary series of American animation The Simpsons, which over the years has been crowned as the “Nostradamus” of television. And once again The Simpsons have predicted the future, this time with the results of the Olympic Games of Pieonchang 2018.(Simpsons predict the United States Olympic )

The Nostradamus of television

Without anyone expecting it, the American curling team beat Sweden on Saturday, taking home the gold medal at the 2018 Olympics in Pieonchang, although for The Simpsons it was not so much of a surprise. In an episode of season 21 titled “Boy Meets Curl (Chico meets Curling in Spain)” shows striking similarities to the American victory in Pieonchang.

In the episode, which originally aired during the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver, Homer and Marge form a curling team and reach the final, despite being on the verge of being eliminated. Your US team UU he is almost forced to give victory to Sweden due to an injury, but Marge manages to recover and helps the team to win the gold despite having an injured arm.(Simpsons predict the United States Olympic )

Simpsons predict the United States Olympic

Back in the real world, the American men’s curling team, which was also about to be eliminated, became the first American team to win a gold medal in this sport. It must also be said that, in the episode in question, Russia came in third place, and at the Olympic Games of Pieonchang 2018 it was Switzerland who won the bronze.(Simpsons predict the United States Olympic )

“Congratulations to @ USACurling2018 for their gold,” wrote Rob LaZebnik, screenwriter of the “Boy Meets Curl” chapter on Twitter . “But it’s not the first time that EE. UU beat Sweden. Marge and Homer did it eight years ago. “

And as it can not be otherwise, LaZebnik’s tweet has provoked all kinds of reactions among conspiracy theorists, who say that Fox’s animated series has a long history of predictions that were fulfilled , since the recent purchase of Fox by Disney until the presidency of Donald Trump. But apparently, this would not be a simple coincidence, rather it would be television predictions, a system used by the government where events would be inserted into people’s minds so that they can be fulfilled.(Simpsons predict the United States Olympic )

Leaving aside the conspiracy theories, the reality is that The Simpsons perfectly predicted the Ebola outbreak , the crisis in Greece and the scandal of horse meat. Five years before Lady Gaga performed at NRG Stadium during halftime in the Super Bowl, it was already predicted in an episode of The Simpsons titled ‘Lisa Goes Gaga (Lisa is Gaga in Spain)’, in which a character from Gaga descends in Springfield to act.(Simpsons predict the United States Olympic )

In 1998, in an episode in which Ron Howard wants to direct a film that Homer wrote, a scene shows the outside of 20th Century Fox , and a sign that says: “a division of the company Walt Disney” . In December of 2017 Disney acquired 20th Century Fox.(Simpsons predict the United States Olympic )

Simpsons predict the United States Olympic

Although the most famous and revealing “coincidence” was in 2000, in an episode called “Bart to the Future (Bart to the future in Spain)” . In the chapter in question, Lisa Simpson becomes president, and inherits a budget crisis left by her predecessor, President Trump. This episode caused such a stir that screenwriter Dan Greaney was forced to give explanations. Graeney defended himself against those who accused him of working for secret organizations bysaying that the episode was a “warning for the United States,” noting that a Trump presidency would be the last logical stop before hitting bottom.(Simpsons predict the United States Olympic )

But the reality is that there are too many “coincidences”, too many events predicted years before. Although for the most skeptical there is a logical and rational explanation for this: after so many years on the air and with its more than 600 chapters, it is relatively normal for screenwriters to predict the future. But what we ask ourselves is the following: with such precision?

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